Machine ready data ...

Your data and information is your profit and equity.

Information overload is causing dissatisfaction, wasted time,

and lost revenue. Structuring your data is the only way to extract value.

Big Data or Dark Data

is a $25-30 billion dollar

liability of misused or

misinterpreted information.

At MAXset we do only one thing no one else can...

We structure and deliver your dark, big data, when you need it!

MAXset increases your bottom line by converting your dark and unmanaged text into simple and easy data, ready for business analytics.

Our MAXsystm™ rockets your dark, raw text files into a new dimension of order.

MAXsystm™ is a must have for competitive advantage. MAXsystm™ transforms the raw text to produce structured data ready for machine learning or visualizations. The synthetic algorithms behind MAXsystm™ are unique and unmatched in today's technology.

The MAXset Process

As a DBA or Data Specialist, you cannot chart dark and unstructured data.

Cleaning and organizing data is the drugdery of a Data Scientist's job. Data preparation accounts for about 80% of the work of data scientists.

-Gil Press, Forbes Mar 2016

With MAXset data you are now prepared to chart and visualize your business intelligence.

Let MAXset do it for you today.